In The Midst Of The Mess Is Bliss


Usually I am up before any of the kids are. This is my view of the living room. Toys spread about. Little moments left in mid play as bedtime approached the night before and now here is what is left in front of me.

This is where I decide how my day will start. Will I smile and leave these pieces of imagination laying about and let them come back and let them continue  to tell a tale or will I grumble and put everything where they should be neatly knowing that the moment the day begins everything will be out of its place again.

Will I remember that you are only little once. That this sweet imagination will fade  with time and you will not want to share the stories of how your baby dolls are hungry. How you wouldn’t want to imitate  how I nurture you.

Time speeds by so for today I will leave them as they are and capture the moment and when you return to play I will be thankful for the moments that seem to fade way to quickly but are never forgotten from my heart.

4 thoughts on “In The Midst Of The Mess Is Bliss

  1. Yes, mama. This is the stuff that tugs at my heart strings. I battle with this so much, the unnecessary need for control over the things that don’t matter but try to steal my joy. The mess is nothing compared to the magic that created it. And as I sit in the same leggings on a Friday afternoon that I wore to bed last night, I’m going to choose to cherish this as I snuggle my little munchkin. I want to pick up, I want to work on my blog, I want to call my husband or sit and read. A shower would be nice LOL but this right here in my arms is what’s important. Thank you for the reminder, Ellie. Xo


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