One A Day.. I Can Do That

As I tell my kids if you write it down that means your going to do it. (or so I hope so) This is a my own person note of a challenge I would like to do: To post a picture a day.  Starting on Saturday. I will set a timer as a reminder to see if I have taken that picture yet. Would you like to join me? I’ll think of a hashtag and share it on Twitter on Saturday.

In the meanwhile, I thought I’d share a milestone that happened this week.

My youngest son turned 14!  Yes I had the cake waiting for him the moment he got home.


We have a thing at our house that I always say. Your not officially older till you have had your cake.



Happy Birthday my Sweet boy. May our Lord continue to bless and guide you. I am so proud of the young man your growing up to be.


Time really is going way too fast. Make sure to snap those pictures even few and in between. You will be so thankful you have.

Can’t wait to document April with you. It is going to be a hard month for me but I think doing it will help me. More on that later next week.

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