Week in the Life : Here goes Nothing

This year Ali Edwards is once again bringing us a way to document our memories for a week. To be honest I actually wasn’t going to join this year even though the kids are off as this week is their Spring Break.

I decided I would do a more relaxed Week in the Life instead of a pictures an hr of the day.

Today I’m sharing Monday’s little moments I captured.  Although the kids weren’t busy I sure was and so it was a totally relaxed day.

The girls had a day of sharing stories and playing dolls and  painting it’s always so beautiful to see their relationship. Such a blessing.



This was the after mass of breakfast when all the kids are home. I must say it’s my most disliked chore but I digress if I don’t get it done it’s just gonna grow!



Remember I said it was a busy day for me? Well here’s what dinner was! I can’t even remember what was lunch I know the kids made themselves sandwiches and I probably had some veggie sticks.

Hubby says I am a pizza addict. I don’t disagree I could eat pizza everyday and be happy.  It’s my happy food! It’s just comforting and filling and I get a happy dance from  eating it. My youngest loves it as much as I do hubby says I just brainwashed her cause of how much I eat it ha!



I was so tired that this is what my desk looked like at the end of the day. I have cleaned it up this AM but when I came to my table this is what I saw. I know crazy but it’s real life and sometimes you just have to get up and go to bed before you fall asleep while trying to clear your desk.  Hey at least my planners were put away so it made it easier to clean up this AM.



That was my day yesterday. I’ll see what I capture today. SO far the guys are all sleeping and us girls are up again. We have some things to get done later on so lets see if I get to capture some of it.


Are you doing Week in the Life this year? How is your format if you are sharing? Are you taking pictures by the hour or things you want to remember? I’d love to know and please share so I can check it out!

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