What Does December Really Mean?

Sitting here thinking how could it be that we are just about to go into the middle of December the last month of this year.

Thinking of what is to come. I must admit my head is running like crazy trying to put it all together and not fall apart while I do it.

I think how we are all running about trying to make it all seem “perfect” when it’s really not. What has this month really become? To be honest Christmas time really wasn’t ever a big deal for me to say the least. All I remember was how my single working mom tried her best to give my brother and I some gifts under the tree which would be removed probably a day or two after.

Perhaps that is why I get so hard on myself because I want my kids to actually remember Christmas and not because of the gifts but memories to actually have stories to tell that has nothing to do with gifts.

To remember sitting about making those gingerbread houses that will fall apart the moment you finish them but remembering the laugher of the time spent together.

To get in the car in our pajamas and check out all the lights and decorations. To sit in the living room and watch our favorite Christmas movies for the 100th time and laugh as if it’s our first time.



To see the wonder in the face of my kids. As all these things are happening I wonder is it enough for them to remember?

To hear the joy my youngest singing at mass and ask why is the Priest wearing the pretty purple again?  Especially with our hard Summer I admit I feel a sort of guilt that it should be an extra special December but as it’s looking there will not be any of the material things but I am trying my best to make it a December they do enjoy and remember without the material things.

I get so upset because why is it that we think material things is what this month is about?

To be honest until my children I really did not know about what the Advent season was about.

I didn’t even know that there was a countdown not to just getting material things but what December 25th truly means.

Our Savior is born.

To pause and think about that and to think how Joseph and Mary were basically homeless and the night he was born they had no clue what was going to happen and to have to basically have your child in a dirty little cave but there swaddled was the perfect gift ever.

Tired and not knowing what the next day would hold just believing that is what they had. I sit back and think how ungrateful am that I am more worried about not being able to put things under our tree.

I want to be able to share not only with my children but with anyone who reads this to remember the real reason. I know it can be hard I know it is for me.

Especially when this world is really about all the material things but think of what you can do is not a material gift that will mean more and truly be remembered then that box that is supposed to be unwrapped. I want to give that gift to my children as we read each night about Advent that it sticks in their head perhaps. That they can go about their day but have that gift tucked in their heart.

Remember we already have to the greatest gift we just seem to be forgetting to unwrap it.

So this December I pray our Lord helps me remember the real reason why no matter how much this world tries to distract all of us it seems. What are some things your doing to remember the true meaning of this season?

Oh, Come Oh Come Emmanuel…

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