It’s Countdown Time

As I sit here (from my new laptop) yup my other one gave up BUT the good thing is my beloved hooked me up!! (It’s was our 17th yr wedding anniversary 3/1) I am working on trying to get back into it.

I keep thinking weren’t we just talking about Advent and now Lent is basically upon us! Are you ready? My heart really is burning for this time. I am looking forward to it.


For me this year I am going to be doing something I had been wanting to for a while but you could I say I’ve been chicken.

That’s when I hear that voice in my head saying hello this isn’t about you. It’s about complete surrender and control and truly being present as much as you can.

With this Lent I want to truly do small things with love and to me that will be one of them.

I also want to read more I had posted on my instagram account how I will be reading The Wordl’s First Love Mary,Mother of God by Venerable Fulton Sheen which I am excited to do so.  It’s been a while since I’ve actually read a book for just me that wasn’t for work or the kids really.


Besides my books I read with Blessed is She. Speaking of which I also will be do this year once more and join in this year. The Devotional is called To the End. It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to dig in.

I also would love to do mini local pilgrimages which as I do them I will share. I feel that it’s important to take mini little journeys that ignites you to give praise.

Now I ask you how will you be changed this Lent. My prayer while we go through these 40 days is to do just that. I am suppose to be getting something in the mail soon that I will share that is for you and your family to access during Lent.

Are you doing anything with your children? I actually saw an awesome and super easy idea from Kendra -Catholic All Year where she shared the most easiest way to make a King Cake for Fat Tuesday! It actually will be our first year “celebrating” Fat Tuesday at home the kids usually do something at school. I can’t wait to surprise them.

Well that’s it for me can’t wait to hear what you are planning this Lent.



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