The Strong & Silent Type

March has become one of my favorite months over the years. Not only is it my anniversary month and my youngest son’s birthday (he’s turning 16 Y’all!!) Daylight Saving and Spring ahhh yeah!!

Now something that was in my face growing. You see growing up there was the following in my living room (actually still there if you go to my mom’s house) you might be wondering what was it.


The Strong & Silent Type

Well, it was a statue of St.Joseph holding the child Jesus. I actually remember them bringing them up to our 5th-floor apartment and they actually had broken his hand and my mom was upset about it. Here I was I couldn’t be more than 7 or so and wondering hmm now what is she upset and what is that? Or better yet who is that.

She told me how when she was little the school she went to was actually called St. Joseph and that from the window of her classroom each day she would look out and there he was looking at her.

All of this seems so strange to me because I could see my mom really loved St. Joseph and still I wondered why. I didn’t ask any more questions because as I said when I was young anything that had to do with religion didn’t mean anything to me.

I didn’t even really get who was he holding. I mean I knew it was supposed to be Jesus (I guessed) but didn’t know why he was holding him. I remember whenever my mom had something going on which was plenty as she was a single mom and had to take care of my brother and me.

As I have grown he’s always been around me not even at my mom’s house and I would wonder why.

This summer he was a big part of coming front and center. You see I was told that he is one to ask for intercession when you are looking for a home. That was actually when I said basically have been in the background of my life. I really felt his help and basically cheering us on.

I actually have looked up to see what is really known of Saint Joseph and I really truly believe in saying he is the Strong and silent type. Can you imagine what he must have thought when Mary told him she was expecting and who this little baby would become?

To think about what a decision he had to make when Mary told him what she did. To take care of her and Jesus and do what he had to,to provide for them and keep them safe. Makes me admire him more.

Before I leave you I though I will share one of my favorite stories I learned about St. Joseph which is about staircases. I actually watched a movie about that miracle if you are interested. The premise of what happened at the Chapel of Loretto. I would love to one day go see those stairs.

Also here is the novena I did over this summer and since then. His feast day is this coming week on March 19th.

Also let’s not forget St.Patrick’s which is the 17th (it’s also my father in law’s birthday but his name isn’t Patrick ha!)





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