Just Like That Summer

I know its been more then I’d like to admit how long it’s been since I posted but you guessed it life has kept me busy.

Although I have wanted to come and post. I haven’t as Ive been deciding what I should do being this isn’t my only blog. ( that will be shared in another post)

I have actually written posts (ok in my head) things I’ve wanted to share. Of things that have been happening but I just never got a chance.

The whole reason I started this blog was to document more about what has happened in my faith. I must say since Lent things have happened. I really am so thankful to our Lord because more and more each day I see how it truly connected to the “pleasing generation” we have become.

I have been doing my best to try to separate myself in doing so. I have seen myself change in how and who I was a time ago.

For example I had mentioned how I started to veil during Lent now I can’t go to mass w/out doing so. It actually is something personal that I have felt called to do and it makes me feel more connected to our Lord during mass when I do.

I reach for more faith based things including what I might be watching or listening to which has been surprising to myself even.

Sadly I haven’t been able to go to a daily weekly mass like I use to and that has me so sad. Yes I am able to go to weekly Sunday mass but not being able to go to a weekday mass really has me sad.

I did find an app that tells you where you can find a mass any day of the week but the times I see for a timer I could attend are not available really. They do have late masses but the 2 parishes that do have them are too far for me to reach.

I did however find a church that has adoration on Thursdays that I can go to. So although I may not be able to squeeze a weekday mass I can spend some time with our Lord during Adoration.

cathedral interior religious with benches empty in back

I have been wanting to do another class or mini online retreat or something else to grow more in faith and learn.

It seems that Summer is when hard waves hit us and yet again we are facing one at the moment. I am trying to give it up to our Lord and asking for him to guide us. It’s to do with the education for our girls.

If you have a moment and would like to pray that our Lord enlightens us as to what to do  next I would be so thankful.

As you know last Summer really didn’t exist for us last year as it was one of the most stressful times for our family.

I am praying that we are able to perhaps enjoy some of it. Next week my youngest will be turning six. That in itself is such a beautiful blessing. Last week she graduated from Kindergarten. I can’t believe how time is flying.

Well I think I’ll stop right here and hope to write more and not take so long to post again. I do have other things I want to share with you.

One is about a book I received from which  I think is a little push and I’ll explain more on that later.

For now I’d love to hear what plans do you have for the Summer?

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