31 Days Has July

Can’t believe how fast we are here. The first of July. It’s been interesting the past few months, to say the least.

In it all, I have learned one thing. How much I need prayer or more like that conversation with our Lord. I have learned to yearn for that time. These months well just about a year it will be. (as it all started last July actually. One of the hardest times for my family)

This time last year was the start of me surrendering. To truly trust in the world. To see how much I really need our Lord. How I needed to seek refuge in our Mama Mary’s mantle and ask her to please help my prayers reach her son.

To see how much it meant the help of strangers. How humbling it was to have to need it so. Yet it made me that more thankful. I learned that I truly needed to fall that hard to really see his full grace. His wonder.

I wake up each day and am so thankful. Not going to lie I still carry some fear because I still am in awe of answered prayers. I am so thankful so humble. As we are reaching just about a year from one of our darkest moments I want to be able to give praise for the next 31 days and will share little bits here.

It wouldn’t be too long as I don’t have time during the day to just pour myself out into writing but I will grab my computer and upload something.

person sitting inside church

There are certain things I will be doing starting with this post. I plan to post more than once a week here to let you know how I’m doing.

Since July is the month of the Most Precious Blood it even makes this month that more special.

  • Catholic Online has information for each day to meditate about.
  • The awesome blogger Kendra of Catholic All Year Round has This amazing printable for July which I purchased.
  • Pray As You Go has 31 Days of St. Ignatius prayer-centered emails during July with scripture reflections based on themes from the Spiritual Exercises which you can sign up.

Besides these, I hope to make it adoration at least once a week.  Right now my schedule isn’t allowing me to go to daily mass but I can make it to the weekly adoration available.

I also will continue to veil which is something I started since Lent. Now I feel like I can’t go to mass without veiling. I will share more on a further post about what it means to me personally.

Well, that is all I wanted to share for now. I’d love to know what you will be doing this July.



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