Now It’s For Real… Letting Go


First off Happy New Year!! Lots going on even with it just being a month into the New Year.

As I am looking into this new year and with my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2020 is BRAVE. I am learning that one thing I need to learn better is not to have FOMO (fear of missing out) because let’s face it how many things can I really order and will truly use? Plus being able to document doesn’t really mean I need all the new things, does it? No, it doesn’t even if I am squealing and oohing and ahhing.

This year I want to dimish that “want” because that’s another thing it’s just that it’s not a need.

I want to increase what I am saving for a rainy day because let’s be honest there is just a desert right about now which brings me to this site.

I have been having this site for 3 years and each year I’ve been fighting between do I really want to keep it or let it go and I end up holding on. Then my posts have become even farther and in between so this is it.

My hold on the domain will expire in March and so it will be just that. Now instead of it just being, it will change over to end w/ and I’m OK with that.

This blog was intended for me to be able to not only share my thoughts but faith. That is what it still will be but this will be more for me.

Just as I have done with my other mainstream blog where it has changed as I have been not doing much. Well, less than 5% in sponsored posts and again I am alright with that.

We all change and evolve and that is where growth and knowledge come in.  That is part of what will help me bring peace and happiness I see in the long run.

I don’t know if I will even post before the change happens completely but I hope too as I wanted to share some things I have been able to experience that I have been so thankful.

That’s enough rambling from me as I am actually fighting a little fever & I need to get my rest now.. (Hubby giving me the glare ha!)

Here is to a fruitful new year.




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