A Little Bit of My Favorites (part 1)

If you follow my IG account then you might have caught my little bit of my IG Stories where I shared that I had been able to go to church early morning and when I heard the Homily where our priest basically God presents us with trails and woes because it’s a way of showing his love. Basicallly it’s a way of SURRENDER and I am all like WOW and OH my gosh because well you know that’s been my song and dance the past months huh ha!

Oh we have to love our Lord don’t we he sends us messages just when we most need them. I am so thankful.

I also was reached out by one amazing mama who has something so beautiful for our families for Lent I am so exicted to share that with you (so stay tuned for that in an upcoming post) Plus I wanted to share some resources for Lent. Yes I am saying Lent..

This year we start March 6th 2019. I can’t believe how fast time is flying that’s why I wanted to share some of my favs.

One for sure who is an amazing artist is from Avery and Company Shop to be honest I was had plans on sharing about him during Christmas as I had a list of people I wanted to share but things happened and I didn’t get to showcase his work but what perfect time is it NOW that lent is coming!!!


Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 4.26.10 PM

Jordan creates each of his pieces so carefully and you can see the love in his work. I have a few of his pieces and I even had commmisoned him to draw a portait of a saint for one of my family’s favorite priests who was leaving our parish and the face on Father O’Brien was priceless as he loved it so much!

This Divine Mercy is going to be coming home soon! I have to order it. Isn’t breathtaking?

Also I wanted to share about Catholic Family Crate which is a subscripition box with amazing goodies for your family:

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 4.49.01 PM

That is something I will be sharing more later on. Make sure to come back next week as I am going to share a few of my other favorite small business Catholic companies. I love to able to support not a small company but one that I know will only provide the best customer service and attention which I truly value.

You guys KNOW how much I love Blessed is She and once more they have an amazing and beautiful Lental journal I can’t wait to get and go through the amazing journey of spirtal growth during Lent.

Oh and before I forget man my favorite book right now that has been making loads lightbulbs go off in my head is The Catholic All Year Compendium Liturgical Living For Real Life

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.09.02 PM

Not only have my kids been learning but so have I! I get exicted to learn and share with my kids. It is a true most have for Catholic Families. The kids have been even sharing info with their teachers which is pretty awesome! I love that they are as exicted as me to learn more about our faith.

I hope you will check those out and please let me know if you have already and if so what do you think. Also let me know who are your favorites?

Once Again


It seems I will never get this blog going. I looked at one of my emails and it says I soon will have to decide once more do I want to keep it going or not. It’s really been a year?

I must say I was shocked to say the least. Then I think of what the last year was?

Did I really accomplish much personally? Did I really get goals I had planned completed? To be honest I would say perhaps if I am being generous like 25% percent.

I did have that amazing Bible journaling class for almost 6 months although in the end it was only my daughter myself and 2 other people it still was something that fueled me because it forced me to open the Bible and really listen to the words and messages our Lord has for us.

I did grow in prayer and surrender mostly because I had no choice in the matter. I was humbled and thankful and in awe all in the same time.

I saw the grace and power of the great I AM in front of me. It was still is so overwhelming each time I think of it.

I learned and say how the word I had chosen for last year which was “PURPOSE” and wow did it come front in center.

I really saw what my purpose is. I was able to see truths and unmask things in myself and others which really has given me another view of things.



My goals really changed and I am so thankful that although the last Summer was so hard & crushing our Lord was there holding me and our Beloved Mother Mary.

I felt her in each of my agony I had to endure not knowing what and how things would change for my family and if we really would about to turn our children’s’ life even more upside down then it was at the moment.

That is where my word for this year came actually which is SUBSTANCE it is to me intertwined with my last word. That is why I have been thinking is me having this blog really something I want or need?

My answer is actually yes. It needs my attention and to give it the current substance it deserves. To be able to speak my truths of my motherhood, life but most important my faith because without it really what do I have.

One of the things I really want to do is go into the city and do an evening of Catholic Underground. I already know my 15 yr old son is coming but if I could have one prayer answered it would be that my oldest would want to join us.

Not because I feel like it will make him say Oh my gosh I need to get back to my faith …Ok maybe but more like just want him to encounter others his age as well as just see how beautiful our faith is.

His mentality is just as mine was at his age in thinking it’s boring and I really believe in God and well I’m too busy right now.

If I could back to my 20 old self I would

1- smack her in the back of the head and tell her focus. Time flies and NOW is the time to start building your future and without God first well nothing will happen.

2- You really don’t have all the answers even if you think you do, ask for help and most of all advice to people you trust.

3- Pause and actually go to mass, sit in the back you don’t have to tell anyone you going just go.

4- Go to confession it is such an amazing feeling to hear those words… Your sins are forgiven.

5- Really pray.

6 Which is really the most important one of all is it is NOT you against the World because YOU are not alone.



Do you have a word for this year? Any goals for this coming year. Before I go you guys did you see the beautiful devotional for Lent that Blessed is She has for us?

Oh I already know it’s gonna get deep y’all it took my breath away and can’t wait and hope I can share with my Bible journaling group.

Here is to a blessed and wonderful faith filled year…..

What Does December Really Mean?

Sitting here thinking how could it be that we are just about to go into the middle of December the last month of this year.

Thinking of what is to come. I must admit my head is running like crazy trying to put it all together and not fall apart while I do it.

I think how we are all running about trying to make it all seem “perfect” when it’s really not. What has this month really become? To be honest Christmas time really wasn’t ever a big deal for me to say the least. All I remember was how my single working mom tried her best to give my brother and I some gifts under the tree which would be removed probably a day or two after.

Perhaps that is why I get so hard on myself because I want my kids to actually remember Christmas and not because of the gifts but memories to actually have stories to tell that has nothing to do with gifts.

To remember sitting about making those gingerbread houses that will fall apart the moment you finish them but remembering the laugher of the time spent together.

To get in the car in our pajamas and check out all the lights and decorations. To sit in the living room and watch our favorite Christmas movies for the 100th time and laugh as if it’s our first time.



To see the wonder in the face of my kids. As all these things are happening I wonder is it enough for them to remember?

To hear the joy my youngest singing at mass and ask why is the Priest wearing the pretty purple again?  Especially with our hard Summer I admit I feel a sort of guilt that it should be an extra special December but as it’s looking there will not be any of the material things but I am trying my best to make it a December they do enjoy and remember without the material things.

I get so upset because why is it that we think material things is what this month is about?

To be honest until my children I really did not know about what the Advent season was about.

I didn’t even know that there was a countdown not to just getting material things but what December 25th truly means.

Our Savior is born.

To pause and think about that and to think how Joseph and Mary were basically homeless and the night he was born they had no clue what was going to happen and to have to basically have your child in a dirty little cave but there swaddled was the perfect gift ever.

Tired and not knowing what the next day would hold just believing that is what they had. I sit back and think how ungrateful am that I am more worried about not being able to put things under our tree.

I want to be able to share not only with my children but with anyone who reads this to remember the real reason. I know it can be hard I know it is for me.

Especially when this world is really about all the material things but think of what you can do is not a material gift that will mean more and truly be remembered then that box that is supposed to be unwrapped. I want to give that gift to my children as we read each night about Advent that it sticks in their head perhaps. That they can go about their day but have that gift tucked in their heart.

Remember we already have to the greatest gift we just seem to be forgetting to unwrap it.

So this December I pray our Lord helps me remember the real reason why no matter how much this world tries to distract all of us it seems. What are some things your doing to remember the true meaning of this season?

Oh, Come Oh Come Emmanuel…

Before The Sun Rises Mama Chronicles



Up before the sun because my oldest girlie has one bad cough, & so my nurse hat has been on. Feeling drained as I have been up since 5 am for work during the weekend & not going to bed till past midnight can break a mama down.

Making sure the other kids are feed, getting things ready for the new week. So much busyness.

Photo taken with Focos
The cross is from rough2rustic

All I can say is Lord I am tired. From the corner of my eye I see the cross I gave my 15 yr old son last night when he arrived after staying in my in-laws.

His bag is on the floor his school bag in the other corner & there in the dresser. You Lord. I grabbed it and just kissed it. I escape as so many mamas to the bathroom. Crayon on the floor. I am tired oh look at that I have a cough too, but moms aren’t suppose to get sick right?

As I seat I think of all that I have to do this day with calling to say no school for my girls today I look at our Lord.
So beautiful just his silhouette. I think Lord I am tired, I think of this past Summer. I hear a voice inside saying see you can. I did it all for you so you can. Those are words so hard to swallow but even more to believe. Really Lord all for me?
You did this for me. You died for me? I think of how Advent is just a week away. I have a million things I want to do I have so many plans running in my head.
Once again I hear that voice. Be Calm. Why is that so hard.
Stop, I just want you to be with me. Lord help me to slow down. To focus on you and not all this busyness.
To remember to give up my woes to you. With my lips let me give you praise to show my kids so that they may want to come to your feet and praise too.
I hold this cross and can’t help but kiss it and thank him.
I look out the window the sun is rising. Lord I give you this day.
Help me to not rush the day but to pause in between & squeeze     Praise to you throughout my day be it as I look for the lost socks, rushing a kid out the door, cleaning up messes left behind, work emails, and anything else that may come my way.
Help me remember what this Advent season is really to mean. What are you doing this Advent?  I am joining Blessed is She : Bearing Light prayer devotional       can’t wait to start. I also want to bible journal each day for 25 days and also will be doing the Jesse Tree with my kids from Do Small Things With Love which I really hope they will love as much as I have been doing it.
I would love to hear what you are doing. Let me know.

Parenting Will Give Your Prayer Wings

This is a little something I wrote last night… cause parenting is far from pretty roses and happy days.. They say it’s hard when they are little I think otherwise. I think the older they get the harder it gets..Here is a window to my parenting journey…


As I sit here past 1 am waiting on my oldest to get home. I think so this is what my
own mother must of felt. Anguish despair and well hopelessness. Waiting till I
came home while I basically had no care in the world just the knowledge that each
moment that I stayed out later then what I was told to would be a long
conversation as to how she was right and how I was not considerate of her feeling.
Here I sit in the couch in the living room while typing with a rosary on my lap
praying the Memorare until he gets home. I will get the face. No thanks mom nor I
love you as those I can’t remember the last time I heard one from him but I make
sure I say it as often as I can because I still till this day don’t recall it being said from
my own mother although I know she does.
Here I sit and pray to keep him safe. This world is so much different then when I
was growing up.  Is this what my own mother thought. Here I sit and think Mama
Mary did Jesus give you this anguish? Sure we heard of him being lost for 3 days
although he answered well Hello where did you think I would be?
Everything I read that I say hmmm Yup that could so would have been me. Because
at 20 I knew best. I was  considered an adult but I really wasn’t one at all.
Just as my son is doing now. I believed in God but only when I really wanted
something or needed something.   I sit here and wonder is this what my mother felt.
With each moment that passes I kept his name on my lips and tell our Lord to keep
him safe. With each moment that passes I try to give him the freedom I know he
deserves after all he is a good kid but still the fear of wanting to keep our kids safe
wants to over take me and so I pray. Lord keep him safe and let him come home
Parenting will give your prayers wings as you give all you have with each word you
cry out to our Lord and Mama Mary especially her  as she of all would understand what you are feeling.
I understand our children need to grow and that we are suppose to let go. Yet here
I sit and pray that I hear the keys so I know he’s safe and home. So that I may
give thanks to our Beloved Mother for helping me keep him safe.
Is this what my mother felt? Till this day at the age of 42 she actually does still
worry (dare I say even more?!) and will call me more then five times in a day. I know it’s her way of letting me know she cares and is worried but I got it no NOW I really do so hmm seriously let go. Ha..

I always said I wouldn’t do that and be over bearing so that my own kids can know I
trust them and I try my best to let them fly but I can’t help but worry and here I sit
after 1 am waiting.
Giving up my worry to our Lord and even though Padre Pio tells hey Ellie don’t
worry it’s hard. So I give my prayers wings and hope our Blessed Mother hears me
and our Lord Jesus protects him till he arrives home safe.
Then I get to do this tomorrow and not only for him but for his other siblings as
they are too growing and want to fly and explore outside the nest. I now know why
as we get older we get grey hair especially when you’re a parent…this right here…
I just hope one day if anyone of my children become parents they remember me as
I sat waiting on them.

Perhaps they will as me holding a rosary in one hand and typing something too and say now I know why my mother would pray and tell me to pray too because NOW I understand why my mom does too…

Heart Break and Faith

How many times have you said “God Bless you” to someone? Think about it for a second. It’s almost an automatic thing if someone sneezes am I right? Now think about what you are saying God Bless you.



Now, how about “I’ll pray for you” When you hear someone is going through something. Are you just saying it or will you really pray for that person? These are words that people say without really thinking for the most part. They may have the true intention to do so but do they really?

As of late with all that is going on with my family. We have heard lots of “We will pray for you” I feel sad to say some just think it’s something they should say.

It actually reminded me of how when our Pretty Girl passed  I am pretty sure other parents who have lost a little one dread hearing the “I’m so sorry” I get it I do, we are humans and get uncomfortable when things that aren’t good happen and we have no clue what to do.

Right now with all that is going on with my family, I am so blessed to say that help has come from unexpected places that really have touched my family and me.

There has been lots of growing as well spiritly which I truly believe has been a good thing. Remember that post I talked about not getting cold in your faith well be careful what you say /or ask for because this has been a test of faith for sure. I have cried out truly and given completely.

The place I feel the safest is in the morning as I walk to mass just about every day. It is my refuge. It’s where I have been going and it’s how I have to start my day.  It’s been my strength.

I must say that although we are here and my heart is so thankful I have learned so many lessons but most of all the lesson of surrender to our Lord has been the biggest.

Right now my prayers are for more opportunities for work be it at home or out I need to bring in more of an income.  I am trusting in the Lord to guide me as to where and what my next steps should be.

As we settle in this new place I wake up with a thankful heart. I can not say how much my heart has changed as to how much I want to let our Lord in more than I had before.

This was one of the hardest Summers but it also was one of learning to truly let go and trust. so I admit I am still afraid that I know is just still “leftovers’ of well this traumatic Summer.

I am working on bringing this blog up to speed as I did post that I would have a Wordless Wednesday but all I’ve had is a postless Wednesday (oops) I also want to do start bring you reviews of small companies that I thing deserve to shine because after all small businesses really give the best customer service and attention to detail and I truly appriecate that.

If perhaps you are a small business (Catholic/Christain based) please feel free to contact me!

With that I say thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better.

Wordless Wednesday (on a Friday)

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen me announce that I was going to start up once again on my blog Wordless Wednesday. You Might be famlair to this or not but all it is, sharing a picture w/out words. Letting the image to tell your story.


If you want to join in I would love it! It’s super easy and a way to document your days.


With that being said here is my picture for the week. When I saw this rug I knew it was what we were going to need at our new home. As this has been the Summer of making Lemons into Lemonade.We are beyond thankful for the blessings and grace our Lord has shown us during this very hard time.


What will you remember from this week?  Looking foward to next week as I already know what I want to share.