Lent Is Over Now What?

Happy Easter everyone! Now that is Lent is over you might think it might be time to just relax but in actuality, it’s the start of Easter season. For the next 50 days, we are in this beautiful season.

Truth be told for many years I would just go back to my slow-paced ways but this year I wanted to dive more and so I thought I shared a few ideas for you to join in.



  1. Write to Jesus in a journal at least 3 times a week. Pour out your heart in it.
  2. Read your bible for 10 minutes and pray for 10 minutes at least each day.
  3. Do a house chore you dislike without grumbles (dishes for me & it’s SO hard not to grumble)
  4. Go to mass during the week besides Sunday.
  5. Pay for someone’s coffee when you pick up yours.
  6. Do a bit of bible journaling.
  7. Go on a nature walk and notice the little things and be thankful (we are so busy with our lives we forgot )
  8. Read a story of a saint that you would like to learn more about.
  9. Give flowers to someone who you think deserves to know they are appreciated.
  10. Get flower seed packets for neighbors and handout with happy spring notes.
  11. Print out some of our pictures from your phone and camera and share your recent favorite memories in a book and mail it to a family member who you know would love it.
  12. Clean a place in your house everyone avoids.
  13. Bring flowers to a nursing home and stay for a visit with someone who doesn’t get many visits.
  14. Visit the animal shelter and give some love to animals waiting for adoption (my kids love this one)
  15. Leave a thank you note and baked cookies in your mailbox for your mail carrier.
  16. Give a friend a compliment or even a stranger.
  17. Hold the door open at a store for some shoppers.
  18. Deliver  kid-friendly food to a shelter along with coloring books and crayons
  19. Ask your church or your children’s’ school if you can do a special clean up project.
  20. Write a love letter to each member of your family.
  21. Babysit for a friend so they can have an afternoon to relax a bit.
  22. Give away clothes that are gently used and in good condition.
  23. Volunteer to do some yard work (especially now with Spring upon us)
  24. Work on having more patience (living in New York this one can get interesting ha)
  25. Spend time with your family without any electronics.

I hope these give  you some ideas and you will give them a try out and if you do I’d love to hear about it!




It Is Done.



This past week I’ve been able to go to mass everyday. This has been the first Holy Week that I’ve been able to do so since all my kids are bigger and it’s been more then I could ever image.

We are going to Easter Vigil tomorrow and my heart wants to burst of happiness and I am so humbled for the love our Savior has for us.

Let me tell you though this week had very crazy moments. Tears. LOTS of tears. Yet even with the hiccups my heart is full.

I don’t know what the future holds but I don’t know but I really think I am being moved to do more and I am going to let go (because you know we have to control it even though we say it with our mouths that God is in control we really mean well you know he’s in control but we will see if I really agree with it.) I’m not going to lie I am nervous. I have NO clue what to do but I’m really letting go. So here goes…


Oh and to start I’ve gotten the Instagram account that will be connected to this site. GULP..  Memories In These Stories

Well that’s all from me for now…

Blessed Palm Sunday



It’s a bit late but I wanted to make sure I came on and said blessed Palm Sunday. Is it me or did this Lent just fly by? I can’t believe we are into Holy Week.

Although the Easter season will start next week (did you know that? I didn’t know that until well like 5 years ago!!)

What are you planning on doing this week? I am hoping to read more and go to mass each day. My youngest son’s birthday is on Tuesday and at our parish, they are doing the live stations of the cross in the evening I am hoping in going.

Although today my youngest who is 4 just happened to catch a glimpse of a movie I was watching “The Savior” it really didn’t show much but she saw the suffering mostly on Jesus’ face and as he was put on the cross and although she has been told by myself and at school about what happened she’s 4 and seeing visually what happened that made her upset.

I’ve decided to let her stay with Hubby while I go with my older kids. I was talking to a friend on how little children are willing to follow God and pure love but it’s a shame as we grow some of us stray from that I know for myself I have but feel so blessed I know all his love and mercy on us.

I have mentioned that I love Formed as it’s an amazing source to go and learn and especailly during this coming week it will really be amazing.

For my kids I always go to Catholicmom.com as they have things for the kids not only during Lent but year round that I have used. I already printed out coloring pages for them.

Also a new site that I found  site Catholic family crate where they have a free packet for the family to use during Holy Week.

What will you doing with your family?


Still Standing. Now What.

Well, guess my little blog here lives to see another year. Thanks to my hubby I renewed the blog and just in the nick of time as I only had one day to do so.


I was sad about having to let it go. I mean I don’t know if anyone really sees this but it’s been therapeutic for me and so that was enough.

As my other blog is more about business and although I do share things it’s not as personal as this one has become. This blog really holds my inside voice.

I actually know what I want to do as with the help OK more like the push of the Holy Spirit I finally went to our Pastor and told him about wanting to share about Bible Journaling. I mean there is plenty of it all over but I hardly have seen anyone really do a Catholic bible journaling.

I currently am working putting it all together so I can really present what I want to do. My hubby also gifted me a Blessed is She Bible which is beyond amazing and so beautiful! I also received another bible from She Reads Truth which as well is so beautiful my heart is overwhelmed and can’ wait to share what I will be doing.

Well, that is all from me just wanted to make sure I put it out there. Hopefully, this will become a good source is my wish but if not I still will be so happy because this is my little spot will be where I share my joys, sorrows and in-betweens.


Expiring on March 13th

Well it seems this little place in the web will be closing for sure unless I’m able to renew it. I would need $50 to keep my website for the next year.



I really have loved this place and actually would love to keep it because I have a new chapter that has come aboutand will begin after Lent. I would love to share that.

I have been able to express my thoughts and would love to be able to do more of it as in the past I’ve gotten some amazing feedback.

I have left it to the Lord if this is some place that should stay then so be it. Our Lord had been genrous and amazing and I am beyond thankful I would love to keep this blog to share more about that and what is to come after Lent.

I am actually nervous but so excited about it! Well that’s all from me. If you could spare a little prayer for me and as to what our Lord wants to happen with this little blog. I’d be so thankful.






This little Space Is Going Away




I’ve LOVED being able to express and share my voice. I feel as if even if I don’t know who if anyone is reading this blog I hope somewhere, somehow my words have helped or it showed they weren’t alone.

Sadly the domain of this page is coming to an end on the 10th of next month so it will be shut down as I don’t have the funds to keep it going for another year. I would have loved to keep it open.

I will keep posting until the 10th and then this blog will come to an end. God Bless all of you and remember no matter the darkest of periods there is always light. I know it so.



2018 : 365 Days to Pray

Here we are at with the 1st day of a New Year. So many resolutions I’ve heard.  From losing weight, to saving money but there is one I want to do. I want to pray more. I need to pray more.

I want to grow my relationship better with the Lord. I actually found a parish close enough to my home that has adoration every week. I can not say how giddy I was when I found this out.   I feel like this is my change to get a little bit closer to our Lord. I sometimes as I kneel look at the blessed sacrament and am in awe yet feel so little and unworthy.

I think of the stories of saints and people who have heard our Lord’s message to them. Then there is me who just hears myself with all the worries and questions.

I can never seem to find myself quiet. To be honest I think I’m almost afraid to be quiet. What if our Lord does speak to my heart, yet I wonder why should I be afraid what is that? What is that about? I WANT him to speak to me yet I’m the one not letting him?

When I go into the chruch before picking up my daughter it seems there is the one question I sit and seem to ask Lord  always. What is it that you want from me?  I ramble on with all that is going on and all my worries and perhaps that’s why I can’t hear if our Lord has something to tell me.

Perhaps that’s why I got one of my favorite saints when I went on to Saint Name Generator  and got St. Padre Pio.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 11.01.03 PM

I almost think of him as if he were a dad or grandfather that would give me that look when I would be doing wrong but have a good love for me. I love how he loved the Lord and Mama. I am so excited to get to know him better and pray for his intercession more this year as well . I’m actually reading a book called Parde Pio’s Spirtitual Direction for Everyday that I hope to read throughout the year.

There are some very serious things going on right now with our family. It’s really hard. I am praying that I get I’m able to find a way to get an income going.

Our living situation is getting stranded as well so much going on. All I know to do is pray. I truly believe in prayer and have seen them heard even in my moments that I am in dispair I need to remember this.



2018 : PURPOSE


As I sit here might I say thinking where this and what I accomplished this past year and truth be told it was lots of worry and stress. Yes I am not going to say there were not happy moments and blessed moments but why do I feel as if I didn’t do all I could.

There has been one thing that I have asked plenty of times this past year. What is my purpose? Could it be a mid-life crisis that I’m finally after all these years in my 40’s I want to ask this question.

I sit back and say what has been my purpose?  What if I am no more what will they say I accomplished? Besides my children what have I really done in this life?

What is my purpose? Am I just going to be a person who ended up in debt and never was able to have their own or will do something with the time I have left? I want my children to be proud of me as I am of them.

This is why I push my children to go after their dreams and wants. Time waits for no one and then your time here is done.

I want to accomplish more next year. I want to be able to take a deep breath of true peace. Not to fear to take a deep breath and wonder what will happen next.

Beloved Lord, I ask you to guide me. I trust in you. What is your will for me?Lord use me. I need you. I love you with all that I am. I yearn for you always. I hunger to be with you in the quite.

Come Holy Spirt Come.  Quite all the noise that a surrounds me. Let me hear your voice oh Lord. What is the purpose you have for me?

Thus that is my word for 2018. So much noise and worry can get overwhelming. My goal is to learn to find those quiet times to want less material things and more spiritual things.

I actually keep having this yearning that I want to be able to hold a woman’s bible study as well as invite our parish priests to our home for a meal once a month. It’s a thought that also has been tapping me the whole year. I then think of the reality.

As truth be told I don’t have any of the resources for it. Perhaps I need to have more of what of St. Teresa of Calcutta as how she would pray without cessing and although she had those dark periods feeling as if our Lord was quite she still worked so hard to be closer and closer to our Lord.

So let this coming year really be filled with real purpose.

Blessed and Merry Christmas to All



This Christmas was very humbling. Although by the grace of our Lord I was able to get gifts for all 4 of my children under the tree. It was very humbling because behind the smiling faces of my husband and I, of course, there is a worry.

I know that tomorrow my account wouldn’t be so nice as I went out and get some things to make sure we would have of the kids favorite dinners for today and yup I’ll see a negative sign but pray I do get a payment from a small campaign that should cover it but if it doesn’t arrive well there will be another fee.

I was reading Padre Pio’s book and today’s reading said not to worry about tomorrow as our Lord will provide. Worry about today. So here I am scared and nervous out of my mind to be honest, yet I am humbled and thankful for our Lord’s grace.

I will not lose faith. I will NOT. God has a plan although I have NO clue what is my next step is. I will go and yes I am afraid and like Peter I’ll probably be screaming Jesus help me and he’ll tell me HELLLLO ye of little faith but I am not it’s just the fear after all I am only human.

I am working on getting rid of one “Monster” as I like to call them if I would be able to that I believe it would help us breathe a bit better but I’m not going to lie it’s drowning me and the only way I would be able to get ride of it is to do it all once because it isn’t possible. No way at all.

In desperation, I must admit I went into a mini debt using it to go grocery shopping and getting things the kids needed this year and so $3000 might not seem like a big deal but with a one income family and a minimum payment of $95 (yes insane I know) each month and added monthly “maintenance fee ”  and “annual monthly fee” (that one makes no sense as shouldn’t it be one lump sum a year?) Whatever I pay never decreases that balance. FYI do NOT get a credit card from Credit One – they will NOT work with you at all and very horrible customer service even when you have never had a late payment and are just seeking some help.

I digress this post wasn’t to bad mouth a company. I’m sorry about that. Just needed to vent a bit and ask for prayers right now. I must admit I am kind of happy this is a little hidden quiet place I can let go and post my worries and thoughts, but if you do read this and can spare a prayer for me I would be so thankful more then you could know.

I look forward to being to look back one day on these posts and see that the days were dark were actually just preparing me.

Oh by the way my word for 2018 will be PURPOSE. Funny thing, I’ve been seeing this word so much lately so I take it as a good sign as that’s been on my mind lots as to what is mine.

Well not I’ve rambled more then enough. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate) remember the reason why today is. Take a time to reflect and be thankful for it all the good the not so good for the unknown and find that one reason that always will make you smile..




Your Prayers Will Be Heard & Answered

As I helped my 10-year-old change the time left until we celebrate Christmas on our cute little-stuffed snowman I couldn’t help but gasp as it only has 12 days.

I must say this year has been extra tough and humbling but as I looked at my little girls my heart was full of gratitude as I was able to get gifts for each of my children because of our Lord’s grace and love. I am can not even say how humbled I am.

This year, to be honest, I have prayed more than I ever have prayed. It’s been a hard year. With worries and many tears but the only thing I did have that did not change but actually grew has been my faith.

I’ve actually asked the question to our Lord what is my purpose? Time and again I see my vocation really is motherhood and praying for my loved ones.

Many times I’ve thought Lord am I really enough and find myself on my knees with tears and prayers.  I’ve seen his answers to me and my heart is humbled. The small whispers that carry his love and answers always seem to surprise me.

The answers we seek aren’t always what we expect but sooner than later we shall understand them. We have to learn to listen. It can be oh so hard indeed but we need that quiet time. Just to listen.  When was the last time you just sat to listen?


My littlest asked me actually what did I want for Christmas and I looked at her and said I already have all I need right here. Seeing their little happy faces and hearing giggles is so amazing and beautiful to me. I just want them to be happy.

Although there is one thing I am trying my hardest to work on which is taking care of our debt. It would be amazing to be able to wake up and not have to worry about that. It would ease Hubby’s mind and we wouldn’t have to struggle so hard. It would cut so many chains and allow us to breathe easier.

That is my prayer for the new year. To be able to get enough clients, work to help ease that burden right now.

If you have an extra prayer I would love for you to  help me pray so I’m able to get the work I am looking for.

Goals for the coming year that will have my prayers each day will be

  • Get more VA clients
  • Pay for the school’s tuition myself (so hubby has one less thing to worry)
  • Hold prayer group in our home once a month
  • Be able to do more for others in need (we have been so blessed with help this year my heart is so full and thankful )

If I could have one gift this year that I really think would be so helpful in doing another thing I love is getting a new camera and a GorillaPod to work on my photography once again, but those are things my little dream bubble that I just don’t wish to pop but know it’s just floating from reach.

Well that’s enough of my rambles for today. Thanks so much once more for allowing me to express my thoughts. As well as thank you for your kind words in your messages.


What is one thing you are hoping for this coming new year?