Squeeze Play

If you know my family and myself you know we love baseball so more or less when things happen around here we use “baseball terms” right now we are going to use one today.

Let’s just say we got hit really hard by one 99 per hour fast ball with what we got dealt with at the moment.


We are in the midst of being doubled down in pain but in the middle of it we have been seeing people come out of the dugout that we never thought would.  Instead of who we might have expected others have offered a helping hand.

Life is sure good at showing and shining the light at truth especially in moments like this.

I also have been able to dig even deeper into holding on to our Lord. Although I felt my faith was better then it was in years right now this moment is putting all of it to the test.

Sure I have cried, but I cry out to our Lord. I make sure to pause and give him praise. Although we are in the middle of not knowing where we will be moving nor having the money for the move.  Having to humble myself to basically “beg” for help  HE is there and he will watch over us I trust and believe.

I truly believe that this is a learning and growing experience for us all. The whole thing we need to remember is that no matter what or where we end up the place will be a home because we are together.

Leaving w/a quote I heard today about Mother Teresa who said God doesn’t give us more then we can handle but I sure we wouldn’t trust me so much.  (cause we have always find a reason to smile!)





Just Cause It’s Getting Hot Don’t Get Cold!

Happy July guys… (can we get that pause button please!?!) At my home school is FINALLY done!! As I type I am a proud mama to a Junior in College (can I seriously be that old for one!?!?!) Sophorme in HS (again am I that old to have one of those!?!) a Sweet 6th grader and a Kindergartener  who happened to turned 5 last week! (wait didn’t I JUST have her!?!?!)




I am beyond proud of them and pray our Lord countines to enlighten them and keeps guiding their steps not only education but in faith .. OK enough of the sappy mama stuff you know this also means no more alarms! YAY.  Let’ say that again NO MORE ALARMS.. Sure my youngest will get up by 8 am but I will take it.

Which brings me to discussing why I wanted to post. Now that it’s Summer we might actually go into lazy mode. Which means you might not get up before the kids do to your morning prayer, or might not take that time during the day to pause for a reading, might not make it to church during the weekend because you are tired from the Saturday fun or think oh just an hour more and I’ll get up to only see that you are too late and get a call that there is a barbaque and forget to attend mass.

Summer can be a time where we figure oh it’s time for Fun but we have to remember we can not get luke warm or even cold in our faith just because we are busy with having fun.

Here are a few things I’m doing so I wouldn’t go into Summer Faith Mode.

  • Still set an alarm so you can pray in the quiet first thing in the morning.
  • Read a book that will enrich your faith (don’t  let it be only your kids who are reading)
  • Attend one or two  extra masses during the week. Check for adoration times.
  • Keep a Summer prayer Journal.
  • Start a new devotion. There are so many beautiful ones to take up.

I hope these few ideas will keep your heart on fire. I am trying to keep this list as well. My family is actually going through a very hard period so if you could keep us in your prayers I would be so thankful. That is another reason why I am holding on to this list and keeping my faith more on fire.

You can see HERE what is going. My family would be thankful for any prayers you could spare. We are nervous but we have more faith then Fear.

Not wanting to end this post with a downer I want to share that I will have a giveaway on my next post. As always thanks so much for stopping by. I’d love to hear how your Summer is going so leave me comment below.





Few of My Favorite Things


Happy end of the Month (wasn’t it just January two minutes ago?) My family is super busy as it’s almost end of the school year which means tests, finals and figuring how we are gonna get next College year paid (that’s for another day) which is making this mama get greys hair but I trust in the Lord.

I was going off track there. What this post is really about is sharing some of the amazing small business that I have come across that I can not get enough of!

As I type this I just went and purchased another item from Nancy because Oh my gosh I love her Quiet books (go check it out I’ll have a post soon on my finished rosary one, as soon as it’s done) Each one is amazing and so talented and nope not being paid to say it I just really think each one is amazing go check them out!

Do Small Things With Love

As I just mentioned above Nancy has a sweet little story where she brings us some amazing projects that you can create. Besides her store she has one awesome podcast that I look forward to listening to.

Jordan Avery

I actually had contaced Jordan for a gift that the kids wanted to gift one of our favorite priests which was a drawing of his favorite saint. He is actually leaving soon as it’s time for a new assignment and oh wow did Jordan come through.

I was beyond amazed at how wonderful and detailed his work is. I also have purchased 2 other smaller of his works and just amazing again wonderful customer service. He’s putting some new work that I can’t wait to purchase!

Katherine Bogner

Kathy is an amazing artist and a teacher and she provides some amazing work that I have used for my bible journaling which is so beautiful and easy. I love to check out her work on instagram as well. Check out her site and go to her blog so much awesomeness!

Worthy of Agape

I ordered a personalized peg for myself of Padre Pio and I loved it so much and I was actually lucky enough to win a set of the Holy Family that my little girl love so much. I have to order a few more as it’s almost Summer and my little one really loves having her little “saint friends” as calls them. Her birthday is coming up so I know this will be one of her gifts.

Robin Nest Lane

I started to veil last year and although I had two veils that my mom bought for me I wante to get a shorter one that I could carry with me as there are times I am able to go to a near by parish that has adoration extra days that my parish doesn’t have. That is when I found the perfect veil with amazing detail and care when packaged and sent. Robin is amazing and is so talented. I am in love with all the veils she has avaiable.

Well that’s all from me as the kids home and it’s time to put my mama chef hat on. Do you have favorite small business you love? Let me know I’d love to check them out!

Hello Middle Of May

April was one hot mess. I had so many plans and to be honest for the most part it was very uneventful and just one big jumbo dizzy world wind.

Let’s just say I’m happy we are already half way through May! I am so ready for the end of the school year so I can catch my breathe.


I actually had other plans for this month as well but it seems those plans wouldn’t be happening as I had wanted.

I did have one amazing thing happen that I really still am in awe did happen. I had a Blessed is She Bible Journaling group meet up.

I who gets tounge twisted and  am best in my own quiet little world went and stood in front of a group of ladies (mind you I was only expecting 9 and but I had 15 show up!) I was able to share a little piece of what I have been loving and I feel beyond blessed.

This past week it was pouring and we were set up for another meeting. To be honest I didn’t expect anyone to show up because of how bad the weather was but another set of ladies appeared and we were so into our gathering that we went over 1/2 hour.

To be honest we got some news as well that really has taken a toll which is we need to pay out of pocket for my oldest son’s tution so if you need any help with your social media and would like my Virtual Asstistant skills please let me know. I would be more then happy to help.

I also have been trying to get deeper into my prayers because of this different period. It’s been hard y’all but I have been praying more and more beause I trust in prayers.

I know that they are heard. We don’t get what we wish but our Lord will provide what we need and for the most part it isn’t what we expect.

In other news in my upcoming post I am going to share a few activities you can do with your little ones as school is almost over and I know the “I’m bored” blues can come on so quickly I have been gathering a few favorites around here.

Do you have fun activites you do with your kids that is budget friendly? I’m all ears as we need to pinch every penny we can around here!





Just Another Day For Everyone Else


The weekend had arrived and some were sleeping in.  Others were up and out of the house because they have things planned.

I was up too and doing my motherly duties while holding fast to what the date represented for me.

I take a pause and say a prayer but try to hold my tears. I go and get the daily first cup of milk for my youngest looking at her and feeling blessed yet turning my face to once again hold my tears.

I walk to the living room and look at your picture. Our last picture together.

I pause and once again I think of what April 7th meant 12 years ago. The pain in my heart stings. Deep breathes, my older daughter calls to me as she needs me, I text my son that has been out since early in the AM to make sure he’s made it OK to practice.

Deep breath.. You are on my mind. I miss you and I will forever have those seconds of what if.

Then I think of what I know now.

Everything no matter the pain does have a purpose and as I grab my rosary know you came and completed what was your mission.

No matter my aches, my tears and still pain that come face to face in the AM as your Daddy holds me in the kitchen because he knows this pain all too well although you know Daddy hides it to protect us all. In his arms is where I let my cry once out for what felt like hours but I only have five minutes to “let it out” because my other motherly duties calls and your brother will soon be back from practice and he will be hungry so I need have some food ready.

It might be another day for everyone else but not me it will NEVER be. You are forever part of me and with each of my breaths.

They say it gets easier. That is a lie.  We just learn to deal with it. As everyone goes about their day. I am still feeling the same anguish but have learned to hide better. My faith has become my strength. His Love and promise keep me going.

Lent Is Over Now What?

Happy Easter everyone! Now that is Lent is over you might think it might be time to just relax but in actuality, it’s the start of Easter season. For the next 50 days, we are in this beautiful season.

Truth be told for many years I would just go back to my slow-paced ways but this year I wanted to dive more and so I thought I shared a few ideas for you to join in.



  1. Write to Jesus in a journal at least 3 times a week. Pour out your heart in it.
  2. Read your bible for 10 minutes and pray for 10 minutes at least each day.
  3. Do a house chore you dislike without grumbles (dishes for me & it’s SO hard not to grumble)
  4. Go to mass during the week besides Sunday.
  5. Pay for someone’s coffee when you pick up yours.
  6. Do a bit of bible journaling.
  7. Go on a nature walk and notice the little things and be thankful (we are so busy with our lives we forgot )
  8. Read a story of a saint that you would like to learn more about.
  9. Give flowers to someone who you think deserves to know they are appreciated.
  10. Get flower seed packets for neighbors and handout with happy spring notes.
  11. Print out some of our pictures from your phone and camera and share your recent favorite memories in a book and mail it to a family member who you know would love it.
  12. Clean a place in your house everyone avoids.
  13. Bring flowers to a nursing home and stay for a visit with someone who doesn’t get many visits.
  14. Visit the animal shelter and give some love to animals waiting for adoption (my kids love this one)
  15. Leave a thank you note and baked cookies in your mailbox for your mail carrier.
  16. Give a friend a compliment or even a stranger.
  17. Hold the door open at a store for some shoppers.
  18. Deliver  kid-friendly food to a shelter along with coloring books and crayons
  19. Ask your church or your children’s’ school if you can do a special clean up project.
  20. Write a love letter to each member of your family.
  21. Babysit for a friend so they can have an afternoon to relax a bit.
  22. Give away clothes that are gently used and in good condition.
  23. Volunteer to do some yard work (especially now with Spring upon us)
  24. Work on having more patience (living in New York this one can get interesting ha)
  25. Spend time with your family without any electronics.

I hope these give  you some ideas and you will give them a try out and if you do I’d love to hear about it!




It Is Done.



This past week I’ve been able to go to mass everyday. This has been the first Holy Week that I’ve been able to do so since all my kids are bigger and it’s been more then I could ever image.

We are going to Easter Vigil tomorrow and my heart wants to burst of happiness and I am so humbled for the love our Savior has for us.

Let me tell you though this week had very crazy moments. Tears. LOTS of tears. Yet even with the hiccups my heart is full.

I don’t know what the future holds but I don’t know but I really think I am being moved to do more and I am going to let go (because you know we have to control it even though we say it with our mouths that God is in control we really mean well you know he’s in control but we will see if I really agree with it.) I’m not going to lie I am nervous. I have NO clue what to do but I’m really letting go. So here goes…


Oh and to start I’ve gotten the Instagram account that will be connected to this site. GULP..  Memories In These Stories

Well that’s all from me for now…