Once Again


It seems I will never get this blog going. I looked at one of my emails and it says I soon will have to decide once more do I want to keep it going or not. It’s really been a year?

I must say I was shocked to say the least. Then I think of what the last year was?

Did I really accomplish much personally? Did I really get goals I had planned completed? To be honest I would say perhaps if I am being generous like 25% percent.

I did have that amazing Bible journaling class for almost 6 months although in the end it was only my daughter myself and 2 other people it still was something that fueled me because it forced me to open the Bible and really listen to the words and messages our Lord has for us.

I did grow in prayer and surrender mostly because I had no choice in the matter. I was humbled and thankful and in awe all in the same time.

I saw the grace and power of the great I AM in front of me. It was still is so overwhelming each time I think of it.

I learned and say how the word I had chosen for last year which was “PURPOSE” and wow did it come front in center.

I really saw what my purpose is. I was able to see truths and unmask things in myself and others which really has given me another view of things.



My goals really changed and I am so thankful that although the last Summer was so hard & crushing our Lord was there holding me and our Beloved Mother Mary.

I felt her in each of my agony I had to endure not knowing what and how things would change for my family and if we really would about to turn our children’s’ life even more upside down then it was at the moment.

That is where my word for this year came actually which is SUBSTANCE it is to me intertwined with my last word. That is why I have been thinking is me having this blog really something I want or need?

My answer is actually yes. It needs my attention and to give it the current substance it deserves. To be able to speak my truths of my motherhood, life but most important my faith because without it really what do I have.

One of the things I really want to do is go into the city and do an evening of Catholic Underground. I already know my 15 yr old son is coming but if I could have one prayer answered it would be that my oldest would want to join us.

Not because I feel like it will make him say Oh my gosh I need to get back to my faith …Ok maybe but more like just want him to encounter others his age as well as just see how beautiful our faith is.

His mentality is just as mine was at his age in thinking it’s boring and I really believe in God and well I’m too busy right now.

If I could back to my 20 old self I would

1- smack her in the back of the head and tell her focus. Time flies and NOW is the time to start building your future and without God first well nothing will happen.

2- You really don’t have all the answers even if you think you do, ask for help and most of all advice to people you trust.

3- Pause and actually go to mass, sit in the back you don’t have to tell anyone you going just go.

4- Go to confession it is such an amazing feeling to hear those words… Your sins are forgiven.

5- Really pray.

6 Which is really the most important one of all is it is NOT you against the World because YOU are not alone.



Do you have a word for this year? Any goals for this coming year. Before I go you guys did you see the beautiful devotional for Lent that Blessed is She has for us?

Oh I already know it’s gonna get deep y’all it took my breath away and can’t wait and hope I can share with my Bible journaling group.

Here is to a blessed and wonderful faith filled year…..

Heart Break and Faith

How many times have you said “God Bless you” to someone? Think about it for a second. It’s almost an automatic thing if someone sneezes am I right? Now think about what you are saying God Bless you.



Now, how about “I’ll pray for you” When you hear someone is going through something. Are you just saying it or will you really pray for that person? These are words that people say without really thinking for the most part. They may have the true intention to do so but do they really?

As of late with all that is going on with my family. We have heard lots of “We will pray for you” I feel sad to say some just think it’s something they should say.

It actually reminded me of how when our Pretty Girl passed  I am pretty sure other parents who have lost a little one dread hearing the “I’m so sorry” I get it I do, we are humans and get uncomfortable when things that aren’t good happen and we have no clue what to do.

Right now with all that is going on with my family, I am so blessed to say that help has come from unexpected places that really have touched my family and me.

There has been lots of growing as well spiritly which I truly believe has been a good thing. Remember that post I talked about not getting cold in your faith well be careful what you say /or ask for because this has been a test of faith for sure. I have cried out truly and given completely.

The place I feel the safest is in the morning as I walk to mass just about every day. It is my refuge. It’s where I have been going and it’s how I have to start my day.  It’s been my strength.

I must say that although we are here and my heart is so thankful I have learned so many lessons but most of all the lesson of surrender to our Lord has been the biggest.

Right now my prayers are for more opportunities for work be it at home or out I need to bring in more of an income.  I am trusting in the Lord to guide me as to where and what my next steps should be.

As we settle in this new place I wake up with a thankful heart. I can not say how much my heart has changed as to how much I want to let our Lord in more than I had before.

This was one of the hardest Summers but it also was one of learning to truly let go and trust. so I admit I am still afraid that I know is just still “leftovers’ of well this traumatic Summer.

I am working on bringing this blog up to speed as I did post that I would have a Wordless Wednesday but all I’ve had is a postless Wednesday (oops) I also want to do start bring you reviews of small companies that I thing deserve to shine because after all small businesses really give the best customer service and attention to detail and I truly appriecate that.

If perhaps you are a small business (Catholic/Christain based) please feel free to contact me!

With that I say thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better.