Rambling Return

*Last time I tried to post was in June I decided just to hit publish today 2 weeks before July ended*

The last I posted here as actually at the end of January when I was saying that it would be the end of this blog. I thought and wondered why would I even keep it. Yes I got a push and said ok why not. Paid for another year to keep this blog going.

Gonna be honest I have been writing this post since I renewed the blog but yet every time I sat down to write. I just felt like who really is listening to my babble and rambling on.

Today (this morning) I decided I will let my ramble be. This isn’t for the world really but for me isn’t it.

I guess it’s like they say once it’s out in the internet it’s out there forever. So be it.

Right now 2020 has been one year that has made us fall to our knees be it because you want to cover your head and just hide or because you want to pray or like me because of both.

Just peeking up to see is it OK now was this all a dream but each time you poke your head to see it seems like something worse was happening didn’t it.

At least living in New York that’s been the story. I don’t live in the city but not too far. Hearing of people who have passed not being able to be buried to have to be outside in body bags inside trucks in front of funeral homes not being able to have proper burals. WHAT?! The front line medical workers having to wear trash bags and pray they don’t get this Covid-19.

To being nervous to know your husband has to go to work and be so glad he is home early each day even though it means our income is NO where the same because he is basically the bread winner because I work at a gym and of course it’s closed.

Sure unemployment but still we grasp through it. Trying to make sure we protect our “bubble” which is our kids. Trying to make sure they are protected yet let them be kids. To allow them to express themselves and ask questions even if you don’t have the answer. Especially with their schooling their amazing teachers who out of thin air All you can do is say let’s pray an Our Father. Let us turn on the TV let us watch mass.. Seeing Jesus there so close yet felt so far. It felt at times as my arms at least were strectching out but couldn’t touch him so I would fall and Blessed Mother to tell her son to listen to me but I would hear in my heart He IS listening. He is there hold on to him fear is going to be present but remember REMEMBER each time you have fallen not knowing what would be next as you felt your world crumble and everyone around you seemed to just go on and laugh and be happy while you had to put on a mask and pretend while falling apart inside…. HE was there.. He has picked you up time and again… Did you forget? I’m guilty yes. Lord forgive me…

This time around I am not alone I am not the only one with all these feelings it’s actually EVERYONE (well mostly) so why do I feel as this is a time to try to reach out to him but they are putting him in a corner or is it me who is thinking that?

I go to bed and pray over my children. I pray am I doing enough? Am I doing enough as a wife as a daughter? I have all this doubt it is tiring but I keep going and give it up.. I look at my arm where I have Taitha Koum Oh man did I not know HOW much I would need to see it on a daily basis to think I got it as a simple remember NOW it’s an action I need to see each day to remind me I am a Daughter of a King and he is telling me GET UP LITTLE GIRL..

Hmm this post was just suppose to be a check in but here it is… My feelings cause these past 4 months have changed me. Have they changed you?

Now It’s For Real… Letting Go


First off Happy New Year!! Lots going on even with it just being a month into the New Year.

As I am looking into this new year and with my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2020 is BRAVE. I am learning that one thing I need to learn better is not to have FOMO (fear of missing out) because let’s face it how many things can I really order and will truly use? Plus being able to document doesn’t really mean I need all the new things, does it? No, it doesn’t even if I am squealing and oohing and ahhing.

This year I want to dimish that “want” because that’s another thing it’s just that it’s not a need.

I want to increase what I am saving for a rainy day because let’s be honest there is just a desert right about now which brings me to this site.

I have been having this site for 3 years and each year I’ve been fighting between do I really want to keep it or let it go and I end up holding on. Then my posts have become even farther and in between so this is it.

My hold on the domain will expire in March and so it will be just that. Now instead of it just being Memoriesinthesestories.com, it will change over to end w/ wordpress.com and I’m OK with that.

This blog was intended for me to be able to not only share my thoughts but faith. That is what it still will be but this will be more for me.

Just as I have done with my other mainstream blog where it has changed as I have been not doing much. Well, less than 5% in sponsored posts and again I am alright with that.

We all change and evolve and that is where growth and knowledge come in.  That is part of what will help me bring peace and happiness I see in the long run.

I don’t know if I will even post before the change happens completely but I hope too as I wanted to share some things I have been able to experience that I have been so thankful.

That’s enough rambling from me as I am actually fighting a little fever & I need to get my rest now.. (Hubby giving me the glare ha!)

Here is to a fruitful new year.




The Strong & Silent Type

March has become one of my favorite months over the years. Not only is it my anniversary month and my youngest son’s birthday (he’s turning 16 Y’all!!) Daylight Saving and Spring ahhh yeah!!

Now something that was in my face growing. You see growing up there was the following in my living room (actually still there if you go to my mom’s house) you might be wondering what was it.


The Strong & Silent Type

Well, it was a statue of St.Joseph holding the child Jesus. I actually remember them bringing them up to our 5th-floor apartment and they actually had broken his hand and my mom was upset about it. Here I was I couldn’t be more than 7 or so and wondering hmm now what is she upset and what is that? Or better yet who is that.

She told me how when she was little the school she went to was actually called St. Joseph and that from the window of her classroom each day she would look out and there he was looking at her.

All of this seems so strange to me because I could see my mom really loved St. Joseph and still I wondered why. I didn’t ask any more questions because as I said when I was young anything that had to do with religion didn’t mean anything to me.

I didn’t even really get who was he holding. I mean I knew it was supposed to be Jesus (I guessed) but didn’t know why he was holding him. I remember whenever my mom had something going on which was plenty as she was a single mom and had to take care of my brother and me.

As I have grown he’s always been around me not even at my mom’s house and I would wonder why.

This summer he was a big part of coming front and center. You see I was told that he is one to ask for intercession when you are looking for a home. That was actually when I said ok..you basically have been in the background of my life. I really felt his help and basically cheering us on.

I actually have looked up to see what is really known of Saint Joseph and I really truly believe in saying he is the Strong and silent type. Can you imagine what he must have thought when Mary told him she was expecting and who this little baby would become?

To think about what a decision he had to make when Mary told him what she did. To take care of her and Jesus and do what he had to,to provide for them and keep them safe. Makes me admire him more.

Before I leave you I though I will share one of my favorite stories I learned about St. Joseph which is about staircases. I actually watched a movie about that miracle if you are interested. The premise of what happened at the Chapel of Loretto. I would love to one day go see those stairs.

Also here is the novena I did over this summer and since then. His feast day is this coming week on March 19th.

Also let’s not forget St.Patrick’s which is the 17th (it’s also my father in law’s birthday but his name isn’t Patrick ha!)





It’s Countdown Time

As I sit here (from my new laptop) yup my other one gave up BUT the good thing is my beloved hooked me up!! (It’s was our 17th yr wedding anniversary 3/1) I am working on trying to get back into it.

I keep thinking weren’t we just talking about Advent and now Lent is basically upon us! Are you ready? My heart really is burning for this time. I am looking forward to it.


For me this year I am going to be doing something I had been wanting to for a while but you could I say I’ve been chicken.

That’s when I hear that voice in my head saying hello this isn’t about you. It’s about complete surrender and control and truly being present as much as you can.

With this Lent I want to truly do small things with love and to me that will be one of them.

I also want to read more I had posted on my instagram account how I will be reading The Wordl’s First Love Mary,Mother of God by Venerable Fulton Sheen which I am excited to do so.  It’s been a while since I’ve actually read a book for just me that wasn’t for work or the kids really.


Besides my books I read with Blessed is She. Speaking of which I also will be do this year once more and join in this year. The Devotional is called To the End. It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to dig in.

I also would love to do mini local pilgrimages which as I do them I will share. I feel that it’s important to take mini little journeys that ignites you to give praise.

Now I ask you how will you be changed this Lent. My prayer while we go through these 40 days is to do just that. I am suppose to be getting something in the mail soon that I will share that is for you and your family to access during Lent.

Are you doing anything with your children? I actually saw an awesome and super easy idea from Kendra -Catholic All Year where she shared the most easiest way to make a King Cake for Fat Tuesday! It actually will be our first year “celebrating” Fat Tuesday at home the kids usually do something at school. I can’t wait to surprise them.

Well that’s it for me can’t wait to hear what you are planning this Lent.



Good Story Bro…

Kids are off to school and as I grab my broom to start to sweep before I head out and go to a very important “appointment” I start to reflect. I had grabbed my Magnificat and turned to today’s reading but put it down and went on to something else. I even posted a picture on Instagram so I can remember to grab it and actually READ it.


For some reason, I started to reflect back to my teen years. I think of how I really was one to say yes “I’m Catholic” but those were the most empty words ever I could have ever spoken. I had no clue whatsoever what that meant.

Sure my mom sent my brother and me to the classes every week so we could receive our sacraments. If you ask me what was one thing I remember or learned there. I can honestly say nothing. I remember nothing. I actually had my 1st communion as a 4th grader. I remember finishing my classes to be “prepared” for Communion and saying ok now what? That day all I remember is my mom making me wear a dreaded dress (I was the BIGGEST Tomboy) and saying wait till you we have to take communion and the priest will come to you and remember to tell him Amen… I just did what my mom said. It had NO meaning whatsoever what and why I was doing this for.



Years went by and there I was again more classes this time I was doing what is this? Conformation hmm ok… I remember the jest of the class was we had to make a banner with the saint we had chosen as our conformation name.

I remember being so annoyed as I had to do a report on a saint as if I didn’t have enough with my real school work.

Once again I did it cause my mom said I had to. I remember looking at the list of saint names they suggested. Hmmm, Bernadette OK let’s go with that one.

Now who is this person….I’m pretty sure my report was cut and pasted (sorry Bernadette) cause I had no clue who she was just it was what I had to listen for when they called me up when they called me up.

I didn’t get to know who Bernadette until oh so many years later. Like I had my kids later… but that’s a story for another time.

I remember this time it seems my Conformation was a bigger deal than when I had my first communion.(at least for my mom) My mom got a tailor to make my dress. I got my hair done.  So many family members I hadn’t seen in years were coming I even was getting a cake… OK, I thought well who knew this “Conformation” thing is gonna be fun.

Then it was time for the service and I remember all of the kids lining up and all the incense oh my goodness. I had never seen that little church so packed. I remember walking with my Sponser as we walked in and sitting. Don’t remember much just knowing it was a big deal for my mom. (Nothing in their of my sacrements do I remember what they meant. At all that made me sad in my later years.

We had cake lots of congrats and envelopes and that is what “I’m Catholic” meant at that time.  I did what my mom told me. I never could understand why was she always praying to St. Joseph why did she love him so much??? (My mom’s patron saint is St.Joseph there is even a “church sized” St. Joseph & Baby Jesus) I remember the times I was forced to go to mass I would see that lady there. Didn’t think anything of her. I only believed in  God and that’s it I was not about to worship anyone else. Now THAT was so wrong. I would see my mom go to card reading, do these “good luck baths” and coffee cup readings and I really in a way though all of that was part of being Catholic (insert emoji with hand on the face please)

Now why am I writing all of this because my story isn’t a one a kind it’s sadly one that too many might have and will read this and say oh my gosh yes!! I so did too!!

I think that is why I work so hard to make sure that when my kids go to mass they grasp something out of it.

I’ll start conversations and ask what did they think. I try to explain the stories I learn and ask them questions and they have taught me. If I could I wish I could take all my sacrements again because they all seem like an empty shell. Today there is nothing that makes my heart so happy then when I see the conceration of the host. To hear do this in memory of me. It is everything. I am so humbled and no more words are more true then being able to say “Lord I am NOT worthy that you should enter my roof but ONLY say the words and my soul shall be healed. I mean EVERYTIME …MIND BLOWN…’

I think wow you love me, us that much? No matter how broken, low turned away from him HE loves us… Mama Mary she who for so many years I ignored her. When she was who I needed to get closer to her son. She was who I felt understand my own mother’s heart. (still does each day) I tell her all the time oh Mama I’m sorry I didn’t understand that you love me and only want to take me closer to your son (again another story for another time ha)

As you can see my thoughts went in deep and my post is meant to make you think as it has me. (Or at least I hope it does) Especailly with the fast pace and crazy of the present time it almost feels as if we are holding for dear life at the edge. I always remember this image:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 12.54.22 PM

It just makes me want to get up and reach for his hand and arm and just yearn for the embrace of his love.

I’m tired y’all.  To be honest. It trully feels like the never ending race but I know that it’s all part of his plan and no matter how hard it may seem there is his glory in the end.

That is why here I am posting yet again. Laughing because this blog was suppose to shut down but some how here it is. (You can see what happened on my IG post) and I really believe our Lord has a sense of humor and so we need to remember that as well to remember to laugh sometimes. It is NOT suppose to be all just tears but we must hold on and be thankful for each and every second,minute hr and day. I am so thankful for it all.

Hey you guys. Next Week Begins Lent. Yup I said it. Are you READY? This Lent I am really feeling called to some things that I will share on my next post so be sure to come back.

I’d love to hear what are some things you are doing.


Thought I had Longer… This Will Be Goodbye

Well, this little part of the bloggy world has meant so much to me but I think it’s about to be over.

I just checked and saw I had the wrong date of this blog domain/spot a bit longer but it’s actually ending the 11th of Feburary.

I hope it still will leave the content on it as I beleive it’s been valuable to few out there.

I don’t have the funds to contuine it for another year. I have loved being able to share my faith and thoughts.

Thank you to all who took the time to stop by and comment either here or via my Instagram account. I’ll still have that account so perhaps I’ll see what happens and get a new blog down the road when I am able to budget it in again.

God Bless you All.



A Little Bit of My Favorites (part 1)

If you follow my IG account then you might have caught my little bit of my IG Stories where I shared that I had been able to go to church early morning and when I heard the Homily where our priest basically God presents us with trails and woes because it’s a way of showing his love. Basicallly it’s a way of SURRENDER and I am all like WOW and OH my gosh because well you know that’s been my song and dance the past months huh ha!

Oh we have to love our Lord don’t we he sends us messages just when we most need them. I am so thankful.

I also was reached out by one amazing mama who has something so beautiful for our families for Lent I am so exicted to share that with you (so stay tuned for that in an upcoming post) Plus I wanted to share some resources for Lent. Yes I am saying Lent..

This year we start March 6th 2019. I can’t believe how fast time is flying that’s why I wanted to share some of my favs.

One for sure who is an amazing artist is from Avery and Company Shop to be honest I was had plans on sharing about him during Christmas as I had a list of people I wanted to share but things happened and I didn’t get to showcase his work but what perfect time is it NOW that lent is coming!!!


Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 4.26.10 PM

Jordan creates each of his pieces so carefully and you can see the love in his work. I have a few of his pieces and I even had commmisoned him to draw a portait of a saint for one of my family’s favorite priests who was leaving our parish and the face on Father O’Brien was priceless as he loved it so much!

This Divine Mercy is going to be coming home soon! I have to order it. Isn’t breathtaking?

Also I wanted to share about Catholic Family Crate which is a subscripition box with amazing goodies for your family:

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 4.49.01 PM

That is something I will be sharing more later on. Make sure to come back next week as I am going to share a few of my other favorite small business Catholic companies. I love to able to support not a small company but one that I know will only provide the best customer service and attention which I truly value.

You guys KNOW how much I love Blessed is She and once more they have an amazing and beautiful Lental journal I can’t wait to get and go through the amazing journey of spirtal growth during Lent.

Oh and before I forget man my favorite book right now that has been making loads lightbulbs go off in my head is The Catholic All Year Compendium Liturgical Living For Real Life

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 5.09.02 PM

Not only have my kids been learning but so have I! I get exicted to learn and share with my kids. It is a true most have for Catholic Families. The kids have been even sharing info with their teachers which is pretty awesome! I love that they are as exicted as me to learn more about our faith.

I hope you will check those out and please let me know if you have already and if so what do you think. Also let me know who are your favorites?

What Does December Really Mean?

Sitting here thinking how could it be that we are just about to go into the middle of December the last month of this year.

Thinking of what is to come. I must admit my head is running like crazy trying to put it all together and not fall apart while I do it.

I think how we are all running about trying to make it all seem “perfect” when it’s really not. What has this month really become? To be honest Christmas time really wasn’t ever a big deal for me to say the least. All I remember was how my single working mom tried her best to give my brother and I some gifts under the tree which would be removed probably a day or two after.

Perhaps that is why I get so hard on myself because I want my kids to actually remember Christmas and not because of the gifts but memories to actually have stories to tell that has nothing to do with gifts.

To remember sitting about making those gingerbread houses that will fall apart the moment you finish them but remembering the laugher of the time spent together.

To get in the car in our pajamas and check out all the lights and decorations. To sit in the living room and watch our favorite Christmas movies for the 100th time and laugh as if it’s our first time.



To see the wonder in the face of my kids. As all these things are happening I wonder is it enough for them to remember?

To hear the joy my youngest singing at mass and ask why is the Priest wearing the pretty purple again?  Especially with our hard Summer I admit I feel a sort of guilt that it should be an extra special December but as it’s looking there will not be any of the material things but I am trying my best to make it a December they do enjoy and remember without the material things.

I get so upset because why is it that we think material things is what this month is about?

To be honest until my children I really did not know about what the Advent season was about.

I didn’t even know that there was a countdown not to just getting material things but what December 25th truly means.

Our Savior is born.

To pause and think about that and to think how Joseph and Mary were basically homeless and the night he was born they had no clue what was going to happen and to have to basically have your child in a dirty little cave but there swaddled was the perfect gift ever.

Tired and not knowing what the next day would hold just believing that is what they had. I sit back and think how ungrateful am that I am more worried about not being able to put things under our tree.

I want to be able to share not only with my children but with anyone who reads this to remember the real reason. I know it can be hard I know it is for me.

Especially when this world is really about all the material things but think of what you can do is not a material gift that will mean more and truly be remembered then that box that is supposed to be unwrapped. I want to give that gift to my children as we read each night about Advent that it sticks in their head perhaps. That they can go about their day but have that gift tucked in their heart.

Remember we already have to the greatest gift we just seem to be forgetting to unwrap it.

So this December I pray our Lord helps me remember the real reason why no matter how much this world tries to distract all of us it seems. What are some things your doing to remember the true meaning of this season?

Oh, Come Oh Come Emmanuel…

Before The Sun Rises Mama Chronicles



Up before the sun because my oldest girlie has one bad cough, & so my nurse hat has been on. Feeling drained as I have been up since 5 am for work during the weekend & not going to bed till past midnight can break a mama down.

Making sure the other kids are feed, getting things ready for the new week. So much busyness.

Photo taken with Focos
The cross is from rough2rustic

All I can say is Lord I am tired. From the corner of my eye I see the cross I gave my 15 yr old son last night when he arrived after staying in my in-laws.

His bag is on the floor his school bag in the other corner & there in the dresser. You Lord. I grabbed it and just kissed it. I escape as so many mamas to the bathroom. Crayon on the floor. I am tired oh look at that I have a cough too, but moms aren’t suppose to get sick right?

As I seat I think of all that I have to do this day with calling to say no school for my girls today I look at our Lord.
So beautiful just his silhouette. I think Lord I am tired, I think of this past Summer. I hear a voice inside saying see you can. I did it all for you so you can. Those are words so hard to swallow but even more to believe. Really Lord all for me?
You did this for me. You died for me? I think of how Advent is just a week away. I have a million things I want to do I have so many plans running in my head.
Once again I hear that voice. Be Calm. Why is that so hard.
Stop, I just want you to be with me. Lord help me to slow down. To focus on you and not all this busyness.
To remember to give up my woes to you. With my lips let me give you praise to show my kids so that they may want to come to your feet and praise too.
I hold this cross and can’t help but kiss it and thank him.
I look out the window the sun is rising. Lord I give you this day.
Help me to not rush the day but to pause in between & squeeze     Praise to you throughout my day be it as I look for the lost socks, rushing a kid out the door, cleaning up messes left behind, work emails, and anything else that may come my way.
Help me remember what this Advent season is really to mean. What are you doing this Advent?  I am joining Blessed is She : Bearing Light prayer devotional       can’t wait to start. I also want to bible journal each day for 25 days and also will be doing the Jesse Tree with my kids from Do Small Things With Love which I really hope they will love as much as I have been doing it.
I would love to hear what you are doing. Let me know.

Parenting Will Give Your Prayer Wings

This is a little something I wrote last night… cause parenting is far from pretty roses and happy days.. They say it’s hard when they are little I think otherwise. I think the older they get the harder it gets..Here is a window to my parenting journey…


As I sit here past 1 am waiting on my oldest to get home. I think so this is what my
own mother must of felt. Anguish despair and well hopelessness. Waiting till I
came home while I basically had no care in the world just the knowledge that each
moment that I stayed out later then what I was told to would be a long
conversation as to how she was right and how I was not considerate of her feeling.
Here I sit in the couch in the living room while typing with a rosary on my lap
praying the Memorare until he gets home. I will get the face. No thanks mom nor I
love you as those I can’t remember the last time I heard one from him but I make
sure I say it as often as I can because I still till this day don’t recall it being said from
my own mother although I know she does.
Here I sit and pray to keep him safe. This world is so much different then when I
was growing up.  Is this what my own mother thought. Here I sit and think Mama
Mary did Jesus give you this anguish? Sure we heard of him being lost for 3 days
although he answered well Hello where did you think I would be?
Everything I read that I say hmmm Yup that could so would have been me. Because
at 20 I knew best. I was  considered an adult but I really wasn’t one at all.
Just as my son is doing now. I believed in God but only when I really wanted
something or needed something.   I sit here and wonder is this what my mother felt.
With each moment that passes I kept his name on my lips and tell our Lord to keep
him safe. With each moment that passes I try to give him the freedom I know he
deserves after all he is a good kid but still the fear of wanting to keep our kids safe
wants to over take me and so I pray. Lord keep him safe and let him come home
Parenting will give your prayers wings as you give all you have with each word you
cry out to our Lord and Mama Mary especially her  as she of all would understand what you are feeling.
I understand our children need to grow and that we are suppose to let go. Yet here
I sit and pray that I hear the keys so I know he’s safe and home. So that I may
give thanks to our Beloved Mother for helping me keep him safe.
Is this what my mother felt? Till this day at the age of 42 she actually does still
worry (dare I say even more?!) and will call me more then five times in a day. I know it’s her way of letting me know she cares and is worried but I got it no NOW I really do so hmm seriously let go. Ha..

I always said I wouldn’t do that and be over bearing so that my own kids can know I
trust them and I try my best to let them fly but I can’t help but worry and here I sit
after 1 am waiting.
Giving up my worry to our Lord and even though Padre Pio tells hey Ellie don’t
worry it’s hard. So I give my prayers wings and hope our Blessed Mother hears me
and our Lord Jesus protects him till he arrives home safe.
Then I get to do this tomorrow and not only for him but for his other siblings as
they are too growing and want to fly and explore outside the nest. I now know why
as we get older we get grey hair especially when you’re a parent…this right here…
I just hope one day if anyone of my children become parents they remember me as
I sat waiting on them.

Perhaps they will as me holding a rosary in one hand and typing something too and say now I know why my mother would pray and tell me to pray too because NOW I understand why my mom does too…