Few of My Favorite Things


Happy end of the Month (wasn’t it just January two minutes ago?) My family is super busy as it’s almost end of the school year which means tests, finals and figuring how we are gonna get next College year paid (that’s for another day) which is making this mama get greys hair but I trust in the Lord.

I was going off track there. What this post is really about is sharing some of the amazing small business that I have come across that I can not get enough of!

As I type this I just went and purchased another item from Nancy because Oh my gosh I love her Quiet books (go check it out I’ll have a post soon on my finished rosary one, as soon as it’s done) Each one is amazing and so talented and nope not being paid to say it I just really think each one is amazing go check them out!

Do Small Things With Love

As I just mentioned above Nancy has a sweet little story where she brings us some amazing projects that you can create. Besides her store she has one awesome podcast that I look forward to listening to.

Jordan Avery

I actually had contaced Jordan for a gift that the kids wanted to gift one of our favorite priests which was a drawing of his favorite saint. He is actually leaving soon as it’s time for a new assignment and oh wow did Jordan come through.

I was beyond amazed at how wonderful and detailed his work is. I also have purchased 2 other smaller of his works and just amazing again wonderful customer service. He’s putting some new work that I can’t wait to purchase!

Katherine Bogner

Kathy is an amazing artist and a teacher and she provides some amazing work that I have used for my bible journaling which is so beautiful and easy. I love to check out her work on instagram as well. Check out her site and go to her blog so much awesomeness!

Worthy of Agape

I ordered a personalized peg for myself of Padre Pio and I loved it so much and I was actually lucky enough to win a set of the Holy Family that my little girl love so much. I have to order a few more as it’s almost Summer and my little one really loves having her little “saint friends” as calls them. Her birthday is coming up so I know this will be one of her gifts.

Robin Nest Lane

I started to veil last year and although I had two veils that my mom bought for me I wante to get a shorter one that I could carry with me as there are times I am able to go to a near by parish that has adoration extra days that my parish doesn’t have. That is when I found the perfect veil with amazing detail and care when packaged and sent. Robin is amazing and is so talented. I am in love with all the veils she has avaiable.

Well that’s all from me as the kids home and it’s time to put my mama chef hat on. Do you have favorite small business you love? Let me know I’d love to check them out!